The Order of the Purple Cross of York, the highest honor of the College, is conferred upon those members of the College who have distinguished themselves by their service to humanity or to the Rite. The recipients are designated Associate Regents of the Sovereign College.

1990 John M. Barksdale
1997 Raymond A. Blalack
1997 Z. Steve Davidchik Jr.
1999 Fred E. Allen
2000 Thomas G. Keithly Jr.
2001 Riley C. Williams
2003 Gerhardt D. Krawitz
2003 Charles F. Kuehlem Jr.
2003 Patrick H. Waddle
2004 C. Louis Hopkins
2004 L. Scott Wall
2005 William P. Irving Jr.
2005 Timothy M. La Vergne Sr.
2006 Alfred E. Bell
2007 F. E. "Skip" Smith Jr.
2008 Johnny E. Gibson
2009 Carl H. Garrison
2010 Walter J. Holt
2011 Henry A. Carrigan
2012 M. Gene Terrell
2013 F. Glen Day
2015 David E. Kinney
2016 Gary D. Dixon
2017 W. Harold Collum, Jr.
2018 Keith A. Bates
2019 Roger D. Carney